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"SHE'S GOT THAT extra special  SOMETHING,
HER TO HER. SHE'S just got it."

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Lisa Royère is a French designer and artist based in Los Angeles. With a strong belief that design is

multi-dimensional, she has always played with multiple forms of design whether it be studio art, print,

digital design or branding. She is certainly not limited to one field and is always up for a challenge.

With an overnight buzz on her Instagram page, Lisa was offered to showcase her “Corps-poration” series at Bergamot Station Center of Arts in Santa Monica in June 2018. Her focus is using real women as the main subject of her paintings, through empowering imagery. Her works derive from her experience in the advertising world and realized women were often objectified in a negative way. Her stance on the female form and sexuality still surprises her as in the 21st century, a nude female body is still considered to be inappropriate. She hopes to normalize women sexuality and the female form, and to celebrate its beauty and uniqueness that each individual offers. 

Her biggest exposure was her “Maneater” series, a forward approach to owning the strong and unfiltered side of women. Her inspiration derived from her dad's Madonna magazine collection dating back from the 80s which she used in her Original Maneater. The unfiltered woman was born as Lisa believes that women should be celebrated through the use of sexy imagery, color and of course, a hint of diamond dust.  Her Original Maneater painting was showcased at the Arsenic House in Hollywood.

In 2020, Lisa announced her wearable Maneater Collection, where she plans to expand her brand image from fine art to wearable art. Her wearable collection was featured in International Fashion editorial: Bello Mag, as seen on TikTok stars and showcased at the 2022 Oscars Gifting Suite.

Her work has been exhibited and collected in the usa, and europe.

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